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Hi, I'm Annie!

About Workman Works

​Workman Works is my one-woman service company focused on enhancing and enriching the local community of creative individuals and local businesses in and around Franklin, West Virginia.

With almost two decades of professional experience in hospitality operations, small business administration, merchandising, marketing and project management, I've mastered a variety of skills that are relevant to both business and individual needs.  I have also developed a truly out of control enthusiasm for sharing the joys of food, festivity, craftsmanship, artistic enjoyment, and hospitality with those around me.

Workman Works is my way of sharing my skills, experience, and my helping hands with those around me. 


Whatever you're working on, my goal is to give you the support you need to get there.

About Me

For as long as I can remember, helping has been where I thrive.  From helping my dad on a construction site, to decorating for the holidays with my aunts or running around the backstage during high school theater productions, lending a helping hand is at the center of who I am.

Originally from Pittsburgh, and raised in the Virginia piedmont - my childhood was spent trucking back and forth through the edges of the Potomac Highlands.  In 2019 I found my forever home - Pendleton County, WV - I can't imagine a place more where-I-should-be than here.  Whether you're my neighbor, or just here for a visit, I can't wait to help you with what you're doing!

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